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Chimney Sweep in Seattle: Methods and Services

October26/ 2016

A chimney sweep is an important process as it cleans the chimney. The dust particles mix up with smoke from the air and pollute the inner walls of the chimney. To clean a chimney needs services of a professional technician known as a chimney sweep who can clean chimney by climbing it. In Seattle, a lot of chimney sweep Seattle companies has started giving services in chimney sweep and cleaning.

Sweeping has already established as an independent field of business and consultancy and is growing with great pace since last few years due to its needs in everyday life.  A lot of chimney sweep Seattle companies have been established and are working for this purpose.

Sweeping of chimney is a critical process and an important task as it saves the house from getting dirty and also has a lot of medical benefits as well. That is why different sweeping companies are giving different services from cleaning to maintenance and renovation. Modern techniques are being used for the process.

Methods of chimney sweeping:

There are different methods and ways to clean sweep. Some companies use traditional ways to clean the dust from the chimney.

Traditional method: The traditional method to clean a chimney is to climb on the chimney. The sweep stands in the chimney and cleans it using his equipment. This process can help the sweep as he can see the inside and can analyse the ratio of dirt and damage and can clean accordingly. But there are some drawbacks of the traditional method as well.

As the worker cleans the chimney by his hands using manual instruments, the chimney might not get cleaned totally. Some particles cannot be cleaned thoroughly. Also, from inside the chimney, the worker might not be able to see on the other side of the chimney which will take him more time to clean.

The other major problem that arises is the suffocation that the sweep experience in a chimney. Due to the warm, airless interior, it becomes difficult for the sweep to breath in the container. Thus this approach has some limitations and cannot be adopted at all.

Modern technique: The limitations and drawbacks of the old method of chimney sweep led to the modern ways of cleaning the chimney. The modern technique is more advanced technologically and is a more clinical approach to understanding the problem and the situation of the chimney. Many chimney sweep Seattle companies have adopted modern technique and advanced methods for the process. Modern techniques refer to the use of machines and technology in the process and have following advantages over the traditional way of a chimney sweep.

  • Use of machinery: Instead of manual instruments, most chimney sweep Seattle companies are using modern machinery for the process. The cleaning process is done by using a vacuum and other suction pumps instead of wiping the dirt off. This method saves a lot of time and increases the efficiency.
  • Thorough cleaning:  Due to the use of vacuum, the dirt inside the walls blows resulting in easier cleaning. Chimney sweep Seattle uses this technique to sweep the chimney. The workers climb inside the walls and clean the chimney thoroughly afterwards. This process eliminates almost all the dust from chimney walls and makes the chimney new again.

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